Rev. Dr. Mensa Otabil is the founder and general overseer of International Central Gospel Church(ICGC). He is ranked amongst the fastest growing charismatic churches on the African continent.

As a role model in Christian leadership, he has provided challenge and motivation for many individuals in their personal lives and business endeavors.

Dr. Otabil has been unequivocal in dealing with the vision that God has birthed in his heart. Upon the Vision, Mission and The Philosophy International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) has extended local assembly to our brethren in Houston Metropolis to equip them for the work of ministry and to establish the house of God as model New Testament Christian and Churches. 



Pastor Sam is an ardent Bible teacher with loaded revelation of God’s Word. He teaches and preaches with such passion and unction that makes the Word go into your spirit. He believes in simplicity, humility and boldness.

Pastor Sam also believes that one man’s vision gives birth to another’s vision. He says that your vision is on someone else vision as someone else vision is on yours. He sees his vision on Dr. Mensa Otabil’s vision and upon that vision he was led to gather people together in the Houston Metropolis area. One thing you cannot miss about him is his captivating smile and obvious love for people. Pastor Sam is married to his lovely wife Joycelyn and the couple have two children.      

Vision of ICGC 
  (Acts 2:42)

To establish the house of God through the development of model New Testament christians and churches.

We have the commitment to train and equip God's people who come to our church.As they develop into who God has created them to be, they also grow into maturity in Christ and the character of Christ is manifested in them.
Our Philosophy
• Practical Christianity
• Human Dignity
• Excellence
We believe Christianity is not a myth. God's word preached will bring truths that can produce results when applied to one’s life.

Every human being is created in the image and likeness of God and must be treated with respect and honor. Also, everything the Christian or the human being will do must be in excellence and to the  glory of God. (Daniel 5:12)
Our Mission Statement

• Raising leaders
• Shaping vision
• Influencing society through Christ

Through our programs, we trust to make the lives of our people better than before they came to church.We aim to align their perception and behavior in conformity with God's word. This new Godly attitude will not only transform the personal lives of people, but will change their communities, work place, and schools etc.
Our Message (Jeremiah 31:17)

• Salvation from sin
• Acceptance of the outcast
• Strength for the weak
• Prosperity for honest labor
• Dominion over the flesh
These and many more are what we convey through various activities to all our members in particular and the world in general.

We trust God to enable us to present to the world the doctrinally sound, eternal truths of the Bible that is, spiritually inspired, mentally challenging and socially relevant.